Yeast Infection Conspiracy

Yeast Infection ConspiracyClick Image To Read More…Watch the Video to Uncover The Biggest Medical Lie and Read This Page to Permanently Wipe Candida Out of Your Body Before It Does Even More Damage…

You’ve been lied to over and over again! And that’s the sad reason why you are visiting this website today

Unfortunately, the medical community cannot help you… and you already know that… They couldn’t help me either and  I went from doctor to doctor and spent years in frustration looking for an answer… But that was many years ago, before I discovered how the eradicate not just candida, but the ROOT CAUSE OF CANDIDA ITSELF…. (more on this later)

If you answered Yes, to any of the questions above… then pay very close attention to this message to discover how to PERMANENTLY rid yourself of this pesky problems…

You see, conventional medicine doesn’t accept candida as a real condition because everybody has candida. In fact, they could take away your license for treating candida patients because the conventional view is that candida-related problems do not exist and should not be treated…

Doctors are merely the salesmen for the big pharmaceutical companies… They are indoctrinated by big pharma and follow their rules. They know antibiotics are one of the leading causes of candida overgrowth, yet they still prescribe them and deny the severity of yeast overgrowth… Could this be a conspiracy?

Candida Albicans (the cause of Yeast Infections) is a member of the yeast family, more specifically it belongs to the family of plants known as fungi or molds. It is also a natural part of our bodies flora. A Candida overgrowth however is not.

In its harmless form, candida lives in our intestines, mouth and skin where it as a single cell yeast. However, under certain conditions that are becoming pretty common in our modern society, candida has the ability ‘evolve’ into a destructive, multi-cellular mycelial form (like a plant, it even has roots!). Now candida becomes an invasive parasite which robs us of nutrients, feeds on our living tissue and releases its toxins into our bodies.

Up to 97% of Cancer patients have candida and it’s also been associated with other diseases like SARS, influenzas, AIDS, etc.   Dr. Simoncini proved that cancer is the body’s attempt to seal a candida colony that tries to spread too fast, too far… If the body is successful, the tumor is called a “benign” tumor… If the body fails and candida spreads, it’s called a “malign” tumor..

1. Feed from the sugars in your bloodstream and your tissues 2. Poison your body with its toxins (over 75 toxins)

These roots it creates can break through the intestinal walls, allowing the yeast to travel to other areas of the body such as the sinuses, throat, reproductive organs, the lungs and skin just to name a few. That’s why it can create over 100 symptoms!

Once candida punctures the cell walls and enters your bloodstream, it can develop… Read more…

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