Workout Routines for Busy Dads

Workout Routines for Busy DadsClick Image To Read More…My name is Jason Smith, I am the Busy Dads’ Fitness & Fat Loss Specialist, and owner of the Only Mens’ Fitness Bootcamp in Cyprus. But years ago things were very different…

I used to go out running for at least an hour a day, and perform long resistance workouts – sometimes doing up to 12 different weights exercises in one session.

I really thought this was what I had to do to build muscle & lose fat – after all isn’t that what all the other guys are doing?

Then, after having 4 wonderful children and starting my own business, I gradually found less and less time to get my workouts done. To be honest, my training slipped and I stopped taking it seriously.

I used having ‘no time’ as an excuse. And since I wasn’t seeing any good body-transforming results anyway, it was quite easy to fall off the exercise wagon.

Then, one day – I came across a picture of me with one of my kids and was disgusted at the way I had let myself go. I had lost all my muscle tone, and gained a tire of stubborn fat around my midsection. Something snapped in my mind at that instant, and I realized I needed to get back into great shape not just for me, but to be the role model for my kids that any serious father should be.

We all know that our children learn from our actions every day, and since I have 4 boys I didn’t want them to grow up seeing their dad being out of shape and making excuses for why he wasn’t (and also, I couldn’t bring myself to blame my kids as the reason I didn’t have time to train & eat well).

I studied all the cutting edge methods of fitness training, and created a unique blend of methods combining what is used by the top military forces, MMA athletes, firemen, Olympic power athletes, and also the top secret body-scultping techniques of some of the highest paid Hollywood celebrity trainers (who get the likes of Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham & others into fighting shape – even though those guys are ALL above 40 and still fighting fit!)

Now at the age of 39, I know that my fitness can match any guy I meet in their 20’s. I manage to build muscle, develop raw strength & power, and also burn fat & keep it off – and I only train for 20 minutes (or less) per day.

You’ll Learn How to Burn More Fat & Lose The Beer Belly WITHOUT Having to Join an Expensive Gym – and with NO MORE Boring Cardio!

 I hear this quite a lot from guys my age… and it’s the BIGGEST myth stopping you from getting your body back!

My workout manual will take you from complete beginner level all the way up to advanced – at YOUR own pace. You could even stick with just the Starter Workouts and keep… Read more…

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