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- Triathlon Training SystemClick Image To Read More…Attention! Thanks to this new information, thousands of beginner triathletes worldwide are finishing their first triathlon and taking their performance to the next level

It’s the exact system that I and thousands like you have used to complete their first triathlon, lose incredible weight and build a powerful fitness base!

I stumbled across this system whilst training for my first triathlon and I have since never looked back.

If you are a beginner triathlete or even remotely thinking of doing a triathlon, then this may be some of the most important information you ever read…

I am a triathlete and certified triathlon coach. Triathlon is my life! So, I feel I am a little qualified to speak on the topic!

My name is Ashley Carron-Arthur and I have dedicated part of my life to the study of beginner triathlon training. By no mean feat, I have developed a breakthrough, 100% guaranteed, system for results in triathlon.

This is a unique, potent and ground-breaking system that very few people even know exists and it guarantees incredible results in triathlon for beginners!

I have years of experience in training, racing and coaching under my belt. I have helped many athletes complete their first triathlon and even more to improve their performance in swimming, cycling and running!

But, I wasn’t always lean, mean, toned and motivated. In fact, at one point, just a few years ago…

You know you could be a lot fitter and healthier! Perhaps you are in a similar place to where I was:

Friends were judging and talking about me behind my back. I knew because they would look at me differently and they started to call less often.

I guess maybe I was depressed… who knows, there is no doubt that it was the lowest point in my life …

No one would believe me when I told them! But that just added more fuel to the fire. It really helped that my brother was going to be in the race and I desperately wanted to beat him.

I had given myself 3 months to train and boy was it tough! Not least because I knew absolutely nothing about triathlon!

Learning everything was a nightmare! You won’t believe how much there is to understand about triathlon! You may have some of the same questions that plagued me! (If so, maybe I can help)

I spent days and days finding the answers to these questions and many more when I needed them. This was just scratching at the surface of what turned out to be years of research and experimentation in beginner triathlon training.

After months of training, the big day came! Even with everything I had learned and all the training…

Here’s a table to give you an idea of some of the potential costs if you ‘get it wrong.’ (These are all actual dollar amounts that I have spent)

I think you get the idea, triathlon can get really expensive if you… Read more…

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