The Truth About Supplements

The Truth About SupplementsClick Image To Read More…Mark Ottobre sent me his book, The Truth About Supplements, and at first I was very skeptical so I didn’t bother to read it!

After a few follow up emails, I read the book cover to cover and was very impressed. I even made a few suggestions that Mark incorporated into the text. Mark has put all the technical jargon into easy to understand language and made this into a reference book you can really use!

“I work on my abs nearly every day – why does my friend have a lean flat stomach and I don’t?”

“Why can that person eat whatever they want – chocolate cake, pizza, beer, hamburgers –and they don’t seem to get fat while I get fatter just LOOKING at that sort of food?”

Did you know two people can do the EXACT same training yet one will have still have excess body flab while the other will have a ripped physique that is the envy of others.

Through my experience training 100’s of people – including personal trainers, champion body builders and top models 99% of the time the problem is incorrect supplementation and nutrition.

If you have stomach fat you can’t seem to lose no matter how hard you train –or you’re just not building muscle like you want to – it’s your supplementation and nutrition letting you down because they’re the key to body transformation.

The secrets of supplementation and nutrition I reveal in The Truth about Supplements will allow you to reduce body fat within WEEKS not years…

On top of that they allow you to build more muscle with ease – just like hundreds of my clients have.

My name is Mark Ottobre and I am the trainer of the Current Natural Ms Olympia and the reigning Natural Mr and Ms Australia (2 Years in a Row). I train Top Models, Champion Body Builders, and Personal Trainers to get the sorts of bodies you usually only see on the front cover of Fitness and Body Building Mags.

The secret weapon behind my client’s success is my knowledge of supplementation and nutrition. That’s because even when you train HARD day in and day out if you are making mistakes in your supplementation and nutrition your results will always be disappointing.

But when you combine training hard with optimum supplementation and nutrition it’s like dynamite and a match – an “explosive” combination.

Over the past 10 years I have been like the Indiana Jones of Supplements searching through 1000’s of clinical studies and research papers on a quest to unearth the ‘holy grail’ of rapid muscle building and fat burning supplements for my clients and myself.

I have put all my findings together in my new book ‘The Truth about Supplements- What They Don’t Want You to Know’ so you can discover the best and worst supplements for achieving your goals.

Not only that the ones I recommend have all helped my clients to have amazing… Read more…

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