The Solid Bodybuilding Training Program

The Solid Bodybuilding Training ProgramClick Image To Read More…If you have the desire and the discipline to get truly huge, we’ve got the blueprint right here! Revealing the secrets of the bodybuilders, that have succeeded at the highest levels. We tell you how to train, how often, what and when to eat, what supplements work and which don’t.

This the ultimate guide to transforming your body. Whether you want to get totally massive to complete, with the big men, or just take your muscle building to the next level, do it the right way… with the best training program on the internet.

To be frank, training and dieting to change your body isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a minefield of misinformation that awaits anyone who wants build a great body.

From magazines, commercial’s, and the personal trainer at your local gym. Everyone seems to have a theory, workout, exercise or formula that is meant to lead you on the path to growth and perfect abs..

…and that’s why we created "The Solid Bodybuilding Training Program". We wanted a training program designed to slice through the chaff and cut straight to the heart of the matter. A training program that we could take to our clients at the gym and where its intentions were spelled out in no uncertain terms right from the start, too build good quality muscle, burn fat and make you a look great and a whole lot healthier.

This program is not for the woman trying to get her body back after pregnancy and it’s not for the middle-aged couples who seek to maintain their health and vitality with a moderate whole-body routine.

It’s not even for the man who only wants to add a few solid pounds and get a little leaner by hitting the gym once a week.

This training program is written for one very specific audience – those who want to add fat-free MUSCLE, period!

If you want soft, "mainstream" advice, go somewhere else; but if you’re serious about hitting the heavy iron and revamping your eating habits to get the body you want, then you’ve come to the right place.

So what have we done and why this is different! Well like we said, we wanted some that we could use to train are clients at the gym, we need a program that guaranteed results and gave them want they demanded.

As we all have science degrees in sports and nutrition we started with want we knew best "science", and then added our passion ‘bodybuilding’. We reached every know thing about building muscle and combine it with science.

We created what is now the Solid Bodybuilding Program. Want we didn’t know was the how successful it would be. It was a big hit in our gym. We had people begging us to become their personal trainers and help them to build solid muscle. Why?

For the first time we had something different. A Training Program that didn’t require you to eat like a horse and build… Read more…

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