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Every year, over 50 million Americans put themselves on some sort of diet. Everywhere you might look, there is a protein diet, no carb diet, the shake diet, and even some kind of caveman diet.

As always, someone with sincere weight loss intentions takes on a new diet fad, may loose a few pounds, and then gains it all back as soon as they loose the motivation.

9 times out of 10 people have spent a lot of money, and have put their bodies under a lot of stress which leaves them either sick, tired, or broke.

Year after year people search for the “perfect” way to finally loose weight, but end up broken hearted and still overweight.

If it wasn’t, 76 million Americans wouldn’t spend over 62 billion dollars every year on the latest and greatest diet or exercise fads.

If giving up meat and processed foods wasn’t the solution , you’d already be slim and super healthy.

Once you try diet after diet – that does not address the dangers of eating meat and processed food- it becomes no big surprise that you would continue to eat the very foods that are causing you to be overweight and unhealthy in the first place.

So I don’t blame you for feeling sick and tired of being lied to, and taken advantage of by the weight loss industry. I know you are wondering if there really is a way to lose weight and stay slim permanently.

Well I’m here to tell you that YES – there is. My name is Anker Bell Jr. I’ve spent many years studying the relationship between the human body and food. In this time I’ve discovered a remarkable truth about weight loss. An absolute truth that most doctors, diet experts, or fitness coaches will ever tell you.

In the next few moments, I want to show you that truth, how I have used it to keep my weight under control, and how thousands worldwide have used it to achieve healthy, effective and lasting weight loss too.

Back in 2009 -Ashley, one of my clients- was overweight, contantly depressed, suffering from low energy, and had high blood pressure. Just walking a block left her out of breath. She could’t look herself in the mirror let alone feel attractive to the opposite sex.

Ashley tried diet after diet – including that famous one everyone was trying and getting bad results. (It starts… Read more…

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