The Gymless Training System

The Gymless Training SystemClick Image To Read More…A definitive guide on how to lose fat, gain muscle and transform your fitness without an expensive gym membership!

I have purchased almost every major bodyweight exercise program out there. I have viewed hundreds of online videos and read dozens of articles, all devoted to bodyweight training. So, when I happened upon this program called the "Gymless Training System" I wasn’t expecting much. My first assumption was that it would be a small 50-60 page ebook containing pictures of standard exercises like push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks which would be thrown together for a few circuit routines. However, I am glad to say that my assumption was wrong.The first part is the full foundation of the Gymless Training System and is over 200 pages long. It’s a comprehensive bodyweight training program that includes exercises, workout templates, and training guidelines. Of course, warm-ups, cool-downs, cardio and nutrition are also covered. Alistair does a great job on the exercises. Not only does he include quality pictures of each exercise but he provides performance tips and common faults as well. The workout templates are really solid. These aren’t the typical circuit or interval routines commonly found in bodyweight training programs. Overall, it’s a really well though-out program that anyone can use to improve their health and fitness without the cost or inconvenience of a gym membership.The bonus guides expand on the main program by showing readers how to use low-cost tools to enhance their workouts. These guides include the same high quality exercise pics and descriptions as well as instructions for integrating the tools into the bodyweight workouts. Since using components of the GTS program I have noticed improved strength and endurance. Most importantly, the various templates have increased my enthusiasm for my "gymless" workouts. If my review of the Gymless Training System was based on a star rating, I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Steve Zorn

Some people can’t get to the gym, others simply don’t like going to the gym but this is no excuse to let your strength dwindle and your waistline grow! After years of training people outdoors or at their homes I know for a fact it is quite possible to achieve low body fat and outstanding all-round fitness with minimal equipment and space. In the Gymless Training System I condense the same information I teach my private clients into a comprehensive (yet simple to use) exercise program which you can use to successfully burn fat, build muscle and transform your fitness anytime, anywhere… no expensive gym memberships, no overcrowded gym floors, no bulky exercise equipment. Armed with this program and your own bodyweight you will have everything you need to get in outstanding shape for life… no gym required!

# Well over 100 bodyweight strength exercises, finishers, flows and stretches to help you build strength, stamina and mobility

# Ditch the jogging, save time and develop outstanding cardio power with the GTS sprinting… Read more…

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