The 6 Pack Secret – Learn How To Get Ripped Six Pack Abs Fast

The 6 Pack Secret - Learn How To Get Ripped Six Pack Abs FastClick Image To Read More…Watch the video below to learn some “Unusual Six Pack Abs Tips” From Pro Fitness Model Jamin Thompson

My best trick for losing belly fat fast & get a quick six pack without doing lame, useless “abs exercises” like crunches and sit-ups…

Here Are The 5 DUMBEST Things You Can Do If You Want To Get Ripped & Not Turn Into A Small Starving Skinny Twit!

The sad truth is that fitness magazines lie to you. So following the advice of fitness models with amazing genetics and pro bodybuilders who are pumped full of expensive steroids is insane. The freaks you see in the magazines have far superior genetics than regular people like you and I and unless you are genetically gifted or taking dangerous steroids these workouts could possibly kill you.

If you attempt to train like a genetically gifted bodybuilder, or world class fitness model, your body won’t respond the same way that theirs does because you could never possibly recover from the amount of sets, reps, and volume that these guys do.

Many pro bodybuilders train just about every day per week but the steroids they take dramatically enhance their recovery ability. These guys have a tremendous advantage over people like you and I because steroids allow you to train more reckless because you will get shredded regardless of what you do.

So unless you’re one of the few genetic elite or willing to risk cancer, small balls, and even death from taking steroids you’re just not going to have the luxury of unlimited recovery ability.

I know hearing this may come as a shock to you…but 99% of people who workout have fallen victim to the bevy of lies spun by the supplement industry…including myself.

STOP wasting your hard-earned money on hyped up, expensive “fat burner pills” and other useless bodybuilding supplements.

Fitness and bodybuilding magazines (aka supplement catalogs) are owned and operated by supplement companies and they rarely offer any workout advice that isn’t rehashed and obsolete.

Most of what you read in the large majority of muscle mags is targeted at people who are already have great genetics or already have a great physique.

And the workouts are purposely written to overtrain you so that you so that you eventually get so frustrated that you start feeling as if you can’t succeed unless you buy their supplements.

Muscle & Fitness and Flex own Weider. Muscle Mag International owns Muscle Tech. Muscular Development owns Twinlab. Muscle Media owns EAS. IronMan owns Muscle-Linc.

How crafty is it that the same company that owns the magazine also owns the supplement company! Now you know why so many supplements and powders get those amazing “5 page feature article” and great reviews!

Oh, and by the way, none of these supplements are quality tested by any sort of governing body and most are filled with unhealthy fillers, sugars, rice flour, artificial flavors and sweeteners.

So they could be destroying your body from… Read more…

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