The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution – The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution

The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution - The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell SolutionClick Image To Read More…Slow, one-to-two-pound-per-week, “politically correct” fat loss is fine for some folks …

In fact, losing weight in a “safe”, controlled, and methodical fashion is what most fitness experts would lead you to believe is the “best way”.

My name is Forest Vance.  I’m a certified kettlebell instructor and kettlebell gym owner based out of Sacramento, CA. I have a master’s degree in Human Movement, multiple personal training certifications, and nearly a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

I’m going to reveal to you exactly how YOU can use kettlebells … in a special and unique way … to lose fat faster than you ever thought humanly possible.  But more on that in a bit.  First, I want to tell you quick story that I think you’ll be able to relate to …

They say that most people who get big time weight loss results … who figure out how to put everything together and make it work for them … typically have a “defining moment.”

One of those experiences that “flips the switch”, that makes them take a long, hard look in the mirror and FINALLY decide to make a change.

I had just officially called it quits in my pro football career.  I was on my way to a night on the town with my heavyweight Olympic lifter roommate.  We were both strong as hell, but to the average person, we just looked plain fat.

As we crossed the street on our way to the bar, a young punk in a car driving by stuck his head out the window and shouted at us, “Get out of the way you fatties!”

We were shocked.  We couldn’t believe someone would call us fat!  How insulting!  They probably couldn’t even bench press 300 pounds!

That event stands out in my mind as one that drove me to start my weight loss journey.  I remember it like it was yesterday … going home and feeling like such a turd, so crappy about myself … that someone would actually call me fat in public in such a humiliating way. And it also made me wonder how many people were thinking that behind my back and just not saying it out loud …

Shortly thereafter, I decided I would do whatever it took to lose the 50+ extra pounds of body fat I was carrying around.

Thing was, I knew how to train like an athlete, to get into football shape – but I had no idea how to train ‘regular folks’ (which now was me) for weight loss and general health!  I spent hundreds of hours studying – and hundreds more testing various methods on myself – to figure out the best, most effective, and most time efficient methods to lose weight, trim my midsection, and take the ‘pain’ out of dieting.

I ended up losing 64 pounds over the next 7 months.  I “accidentally stumbled upon” the secrets of rapid, safe, and effective fat loss in the process.  I’ve used these… Read more…

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