Superior Dumbbell Workout: The True Potential Of Dumbbell Exercise – Superior Dumbbell Workout

Superior Dumbbell Workout: The True Potential Of Dumbbell Exercise - Superior Dumbbell WorkoutClick Image To Read More…I’m about to reveal the top 5 reasons you need to use dumbbell training to its full potential to completely transform your body. After reading this, you’ll know why dumbbells should be your first choice for building a strong, lean, athletic body that looks great!

1. Did you know there is a phenomenon called the “bilateral deficit” which allows you to recruit more muscle and lift more weight with one limb? Being able to use heavier weights and recruit more muscle means BIGGER, STRONGER MUSCLES!

Here is a simple example of the bilateral deficit phenomena. Let’s say a trainee can lift 50 pounds during a single-arm dumbbell curl. This trainee probably CANNOT lift 100 pounds during a two-arm barbell curl. I know, it goes against common sense, but it’s true. When performing single limb exercises, your body recruits more muscles to help stabilize the weight, resulting in higher force output. So, dumbbell training is a perfect way to take advantage of the bilateral deficit and build bigger, stronger muscles!

2. Did you know using dumbbells for unilateral training is more effective at burning fat than using two-limb versions of the same exercise? Burning more fat during your workout means you’ll EXPOSE YOUR MUSCULAR BODY FASTER!

Unilateral training is when you first perform all the repetitions with one arm or leg, and then immediately perform the same amount of repetitions with the other arm or leg. This means you spend twice as long performing each set, doubling the metabolic cost! And as we all know, more calories burned means LESS FAT covering your best body!

3. Did you know dumbbell exercise builds a stronger core than crunches, sit ups or other common abdominal exercises? Using dumbbells in unison, unilaterally or in an alternating fashion requires stabilization from the core muscles and turns EVERY DUMBBELL EXERCISE INTO A SIX-PACK ABDOMINAL WORKOUT!

If you hold a dumbbell on one side of your body, your core muscles have to contract in order to establish balance. To perform the exercise properly your body recruits the muscles from the core to keep from losing equilibrium. As a result, your ENTIRE dumbbell workout targets the core. And as we all know, core strength is essential for a high level of performance AND CREATES RIPPLED ABS THAT LOOK GREAT!

4. Did you know you can use dumbbells to get a full body muscular and cardio workout AT THE SAME TIME? Rhythmic dumbbell exercise not only builds strong, useful muscle, but requires tremendous heart and lung power, making your dumbbell workout ULTRA EFFICIENT!

Most workout programs have a resistance training session followed by a cardiorespiratory endurance session. But you can use dumbbells to get a COMBINED strength and conditioning workout in a fraction of the time. Plus, working your muscles, heart and lungs at the same time results in unmatched full body strength AND endurance!

5. Did you know dumbbell training is responsible for more REAL-WORLD BENEFITS than other… Read more…

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