STOP THE INTRUDERClick Image To Read More…The Heartbreaking Story Behind One Family’s Horrific Tragedy… That Did NOT Have To Happen! What You’ll Read On This Page Could Not Only Prevent A Break In To Your Home… But Could SAVE Yours or Your Loved One’s Life!

Just turn on CNN and you can see the horrible and disgusting truth of the utter chaos — gut-wrenching murders, inhumane rapes and cut-throat attacks on innocent people… The news is filled with insane acts of ruthless pillaging that rocks our world — you can’t avoid it.

I have talked to friends and coworkers and know that people are worried sick as they read their local newspaper as more and more horrific crimes are listed in vivid detail — right in their own backyards!

These are risky times. Ignore this somber warning… and the security you or a member of your family are currently feeling… could evaporate in a second — when they become the next victim of an unforeseen attack.

After ramming a police car, the men were apprehended. In the front of house lay 50 year old Dr. William A. Petit. He had been severely beaten. After the Fire Department extinguished the flames, the bodies of his wife, Jennifer Hawke-­Petit, 48,and their daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11, were found.

The police investigation revealed that the criminals had targeted Mrs. Petit and her daughter Michaela while they were grocery shopping. The men followed them home and returned later in the evening.

They entered the home through an unlocked door and found Dr. Petit asleep on a couch. They viciously beat him. They moved upstairs where they subdued the ladies, then separated and tied them up in different bedrooms. Mrs. Petit and her youngest daughter were sexually assaulted before the house was set on fire.

Remember in the true story above…The robbery, sexual assaults and murders were perpetrated to "just get some money," or so the criminals admitted. (The testimony of one of the criminals and the crazy reasons why this horror story unfolded and went from a "simple robbery" and escalated to "rape and outright murder" is included below.)

Did you know that a residential burglar’s chance of getting away with a robbery is about 81.8%? Only 18.2 % of burglary cases are solved and the criminal prosecuted!

Criminals have a better than 8 in 10 chance of getting away with a home invasion and ruthlessly stealing you blind or worse!

Do you feel ANY safer in your home now that America is spending billions of your dollars with the New Homeland Security Act? No? Most people don’t.

Just because Obama is spending billions and billions of American Tax Payer’s dollars to fight International Terrorists… Does not mean that will protect you in your own home from petty criminals and sticky-fingered thieves!

If anything — You, like most of us, are not only, NOT FEELING SAFER, but with the deepening credit crunch and the devaluation of the dollar… things go from bad to worse. Your money buys… Read more…

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