Start 30 Day Paleo Challenge Now – Paleo 30 Day Challenge

Start 30 Day Paleo Challenge Now - Paleo 30 Day ChallengeClick Image To Read More…And what about your body… the aches, and pains? Wouldn’t it be nice to really feel alive again?

You bet it would, and I’m here to tell you that you just took the first step on your amazing journey.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a pretty big assumption… I’ll bet you’ve tried more diet and exercise programs, popped enough “magic pills” (probably enough to start your own pharmacy), and had so many “health shakes” that you thought you’d turn pink…

I’m talking about many of the so-called “healthy” foods you’ve been taught to eat, and the “unhealthy” foods you’ve been avoiding.

You see, I’ve been a pretty avid “health nut” most of my adult life… in a quest to get rid of the symptoms of asthma that have held me captive.

I even went completely vegetarian/vegan for 5 years, and it wasn’t until I adopted what I’m about to share with you that I finally found relief.

In 2005 I heard a prominent scientist talk about what he called the “innate” diet… (I prefer to call it the Paleo diet)

I spent years reading, listening and researching the paleo diet before I was finally convinced, and I gradually eased my way into a strict paleo diet.

By eating paleo, you’re eating in sync with your genetic makeup, and when you feed your body the fuel it needs (and can process), it gives you back good health. (simple, right?)

March 11th, 2011 was no ordinary day. This was the day that my baby… my cute little girl (all grown up now), was about to be married. (It still brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking about it)

The funny thing about weddings is, they bring family in from far and wide to share in the joy of the happy couple. And of course my brother and sister were there to share their congratulations.

Both my brother and my sister were overweight, and they started asking me for advice on how to dump those extra pounds. I quickly explained how the paleo lifestyle would allow them to eat foods they’d love, and that if they’d follow the advice, their bodies would have the proper nutrition to heal themselves… and the weight, well it pretty much takes care of itself.

Mind you, this was my baby’s wedding day, so we didn’t have time to go into a ton of detail… fortunately, I was able to turn them both on to a book I had read called, “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf. (Robb is an exceptional author and he had an extremely simplistic way of explaining the science behind the paleo diet, and why it has so many health benefits. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.)

About 45 days later I received a phone call from my sister… She’d taken my advice, purchased the… Read more…

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