Silence Self Sabotage by putting Brain b4 Body for Fast Fat Loss.

Silence Self Sabotage by putting Brain b4 Body for Fast Fat Loss.Click Image To Read More…Are You Frustrated Fighting Yourself? Let’s sculpt the mindset that means being Lean and Energized no longer conflicts with and instead supports YOUR ideal lifestyle.

Dear Friend, My Name is Kate Galli. What would it take for you to feel fit, lean, strong and sexy? To feel confident wearing whatever you want every day of the year? To stick to a plan for exercise and diet that works – permanently, not for a few weeks or months? Over 14 years in gyms, 8 years as a full-time personal trainer and two years as a body coach and NLP practitioner, I’ve made important discoveries that I’d love to share with you. What I’ve learned has allowed me to halve my body fat percentage, and retain my leanest, strongest, sexiest body ever, with less time in the gym and more food on my plate. Even more exciting: this is the most energized I’ve ever felt. I have more physical energy and mental alertness than ever, and I achieve double of what used to in a day. I’ve achieved all this without any dangerous pill popping, expensive supplements or boring meal replacements. In fact, the strategies I used to melt away my most stubborn fat – the problem areas I’d been hiding for years – are natural and sustainable. The strategies I used are so powerful, they’ve reprogrammed my entire mindset around my body. They are now permanent habits. I’d like to share my story with you – so you can quickly use the best techniques I’ve discovered to stop fighting yourself and create the supportive thought patterns and lifestyle habits that will sculpt and then sustain your ideal body. But first, I should reveal something: I am a reformed ‘Program Hopper’. I’ve tried them all. I’ve bounced from one shiny new program to the next, desperate for quick results and willing to try anything. But it always lead to a frustrating period of NO results. Here’s what I learned: Most diet and exercise programs will allow you to shed some weight. Initially – if you can stick to them. Any simple way to restrict calories will result in weight loss. However, many of these methods also put you in real danger of sacrificing lean muscle mass. If that happens, your long-term results will be even worse because your metabolism will slow down. So, you might lose weight initially, but you gain it right back, plus more. Sound familiar? I tried these programs that required so much discipline. It was a constant battle to stick with them. They took me away from the things that I loved and left me both resentful and with less energy. Have you seen people slogging their guts out ‘treadmill trudging’ for an hour at a time – like hamsters stuck on a wheel? That was me. 60 minutes of weights, 60 minutes of horrible, hard cardio, 6 days a week. Then I’d go and demolish an entire box… Read more…

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