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Sales Page CB - Triple X Archery ConditioningClick Image To Read More…Discover The Secrets Of The Triple X Archery Conditioning System from Tim Goodwin International Archer and Fitness Professional

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8 Weeks Of Training Highly effective training programs with minimum equipment requirements, all possible from the comfort of your front room.

Complete Video Explanations  Every movement for every exercise explained in full so you are never in doubt of what to do.

Tailored Training System A unique system of self assessment to identify key areas of weakness, making it possible to tailor your training specifically to YOU

Downloadable Documents So you know exactly what to do away from the computer, we’ve included printable workout sheets you can take with you anywhere.

Additional Resources Including a nutrition program to work with your training programs, as well as a unique journalling tool to keep a record of your progress through your training.

Former International Archer and Fitness Professional, Tim Goodwin, has been a leader in the fitness industry for the past 8 years. Tim originally created the Triple X system in 2009, aimed at the sporting archer wanting to improve their shooting performance without having to invest more in equipment of archery coaches.

Whilst archery is not always seen as an athletic sport in the same way as football or mountain biking, the demands of shooting at a consistently high level still require strong fitness levels, so Tim developed his own system of physical training to compliment his archery practice in preparation for important tournaments.

With advances in online technology, it is now possible to deliver training programs immediately to your computer without having to wait for the DVD or other training materials to land on your doorstep. Tim has adapted the materials for online delivery for this latest version of Triple X Archery Conditioning.

Just click the button below and that’ll take you to our payment processor for you to complete your payment.

You have to stick with the program – the whole program. It’s a big investment in terms of commitment. The planning guide really helps. The money looks a lot, but frankly, if I was advising an archer with 100 quid to spare and a burning desire to win, I would recommend the programme waaaaay over those shiney new matching stabs. It’s amazing how many archers choose the latter. But why should I care? Their loss, in every sense.

As soon as you’ve made your investment, you’ll be directed to a sign up page to create an account on our secure private, members only area where all the content for the program is found.

The program is delivered in the form of videos and downloadable documents, cheat sheets and electronic books. All documents can be easily printed if necessary.

You’ll need very little equipment on this program, we utilise mostly bodyweight exercises and exercises that can be performed with inexpensive equipment such as medicine balls… Read more…

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