Raw Food Diet

Raw Food DietClick Image To Read More…Are your health problems: shortness of breath, lack of energy and chronic fatigue… getting worse?

The bad part is… the longer you wait to do something about your health… The higher your RISK CLIMBS… for getting the dreaded diseases — like life-threatening cancer, type 2 diabetes, sudden heart attack, worsening arteriosclerosis or even a fatal stroke!

If you are worried about your health, and increasing problems with high blood pressure, and similar health related concerns please listen closely to what I have to say — your future health may depend on it!

I have struggled my whole life, over the last 25 years — with chronically high blood pressure and ever worsening heart disease.

My doctors didn’t seem to have much hope for me… They were always prescribing a higher dosage of high blood pressure meds to try to reduce my ever rising blood pressure and could do nothing to fix my ever worsening heart problems.

During my yearly health exam, (after another poor heart stress test result), my cardiologist would always lecture me and say… "You need to take better care of yourself, you must do something to reduce your excessive stress, and lose that extra weight you’ve gained… or — you’ll suffer a bad heart attack or worse!"

I was outside doing some heavy yard work all by myself. It was terribly hot out, almost 98 degrees in the sun, but I didn’t care!

I was taking my anger out on the lawn, raking the lawn with a vengeance because — she didn’t think I could rake the lawn and bag it all by myself!

I knew I was way over doing it… as usual… not taking a rest. I’d show her how fast I could get the lawn raked! I refused to take a break to rest, (even though I knew better…) I thought to myself…

Anyway… all of a sudden, after raking like a mad-man for a while, and with salty sweat dripping all over me, I started to felt very light-headed… then I dropped the rake as a stabbing pain sliced through the left side of my chest. I suddenly felt very weak and the lawn started spinning in front of my eyes… I was so dizzy I felt to my knees!

I didn’t know what was happening… in just seconds the terrible chest pain got 10 times worse! It spread from my chest and snaked down my arms! The fierce intensity of the pain crushed my chest — it got so bad so fast I couldn’t take it! It seemed like a huge, fat elephant was sitting on my chest — I couldn’t breathe!

Lucky for me right about that time, my wife was coming outside to talk to me… She felt bad because of what happened earlier in the day. She knew I was still mad about what she had said. (Just so you know… We are a loving couple and rarely fight.)

So because I had not answered her when she called to me to find… Read more…

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