ProgramsClick Image To Read More…"Yep, it was $44 and then I sold it for $37.77 but now I am sick of people ripping off e-book customers with pricey, flashy ad campaigns and have decided that if you found this site you have the right to a great product at a great price. I say buy this and and any other jump program sold through clickbank and compare them. Return the one you dont like, there are no questions asked, you just email clickbank and they refund your money. Compare this to the other programs that charge you +$40. Listen just follow the program, its not magic (though it may seem that way sometimes), you will get results." ~Jay

Other programs for sale on the internet lump together a few exercises, give you a couple of rep counts, and send you on your way. I can guarantee that you won’t get the gains you are looking for by following one of those cookie cutter programs. Most athletes can do a program and add 2-4 inches, it is taking the next steps from 4-8 and 8-12 that is very difficult. These jumps require you to do specific exercises at specific times in a specific sequence. POWER VERTICAL will show you these steps and guide you through everything you need to do in your life to see these types of explosive results.

An all inclusive manual for Sport Specific vertical training. Get programs for 8 sports all for one low price.

There is Still So Much More Continue reading to learn all of the details!

"I Have Helped Thousands of Regular People Just Like You Transform Their Athletic Ability and Change Their Lives…and Now So Can You."

"Jay, obviously this pic I sent in isnt me. It is the great half man half amazing VC. That said I swear to go I jumped over a guy and dunked on him this season exactly like this…well the guy wasnt 7 feet but you know what I’m saying. It was crazy!! Thanks for the program, I’ll do it again in the summer and maybe when I dunk on someone again I’ll get a real pic this time and send it in" ~Cole Richards

"Thanks for the program power vert. My kids won two tournaments and made it to the city finals this year. I added the principles of your program to their traininga and it really paid off. I know it added a real sense of purpose and motivation, and they love jumping higher" ~Ridgemont High Senior Boys Volleyball Coach Piakowski

"I didn’t used to be able to touch the rim. Pathetic for 6"1. Now I can grab it with jeans and running shoes on….hahahhaha…so great" ~Steve Williams

"Check out this picture from my local paper of me leaping over a pile of defenders on the goal line…and it was for the winning touchdown. My 40 is better, flexibility is up, and I’m stronger. Thanks for everything." ~Ryan… Read more…

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