Prevent Weight Gain On a Cruise

Prevent Weight Gain On a CruiseClick Image To Read More…Did you know that according to recent surveys the average person gains about 10 pounds on a 7-day cruise?

With stylish 24-hour restaurants, private chefs delivering top-notch fare straight to your room, and midnight all-you-can-eat buffets, it’s no surprise that most people come home with an extra 5… 10… even 20 pounds of fat on their belly.

In fact, during our recent 14-day transatlantic trip, the average passenger gained 21 pounds on the cruise (according to cruise statistics).

And let’s face it, you DON’T want to count calories, starve yourself or sweat like a pig while everyone else is having fun on your cruise!

You want… a vacation! You want to relax, be carefree and have adventures with your friends and loved ones. Which is exactly…

How I accidentally discovered the secret to maintaining your weight on vacation without really trying…

For me, one of the things I most enjoy about cruising is great food! So I thought that cruises would be a KILLER on my waistline since I gain weight pretty easily.

However after several cruises, I was amazed to find that at the end of my cruise my pants STILL FIT the same and in some cases, I had actually lost weight without really trying!

I was eating multiple courses of gourmet food, sometimes 5 or 6, at least three meals a day (much more than back home) and still not gaining weight. I never walked into the ship’s gym and I never jogged around the deck.

Shocked by my results, I began analyzing what I was doing differently on a cruise that would keep me from gaining weight. So the last couple of cruises, I took notes of things I did that could contribute to this wonderful weight loss.

I also interviewed other avid cruisers while on board to see if they did anything to try to keep from gaining a significant amount of weight on each cruise. They gave me some great tips and insights that I had not even considered.

In less than five minutes you could discover all the secrets to staying slim and even slimming down while you’re away having fun.

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