Physique Transformation Bundle Package

Physique Transformation Bundle PackageClick Image To Read More…My name is Pat Flynn. I am the owner/operator of the Chronicles of Strength, one of the most popular fitness websites online today, and I am a NO BS Fat Loss Expert and Strength Coach.

Believe me when I say that I know just how frustrating it can be with all of the confusion and misinformation out there on how to go about safely losing weight, effectively puttng on muscle, and maximizing your functional strength.

I can relate, beacuse for almost a full year I spent countless hours in the gym working separate muscle groups (chest, bi’s, abs, etc) and clocking in a seemingly endless amount of miles on the "treadmill to nowhere". I never got the fat loss results I wanted, it seemed nearly impossible for me to put on any muscle mass, and I just felt burnt-out and beat up all the time!

In my frustration I set out on a relentless pursuit of a more effective, efficient, and practical training method. I spent an entire year researching, exploring, and testing out almost every training and nutritional protocol you could ever imagine. But it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Russian Kettlebell and Metabolic Conditioning that everything started to change!

Within two months of learning how to use this seemingly odd cast iron implement I became leaner ( I now maintain less than 8% bodyfat year round), stronger, and more flexible than ever before! Immediately, at only the tender young age of 19, I set out to obtain my Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification under reknowned strength guru Pavel Tsatsouline.

Emerging as one of the youngest males to ever receive the prestigious Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification, I was now determined to systematize my own transformative experience and prove that my results could be easily replicated!

Three years later, my website ( is now a top 500 blog in the world, and I have reproduced my results in literally hundreds of other folks all around the world through the revolutionary fitness training programs and nutritional regiments contained inside my Physique Transformation Bundle Package.

The beauty of good science is that it is repeatable, and that is what I hope you will let me prove to YOU today. With my proven system you to can obtain a single digit body fat percentage year round, develop raw and functional strength, and tack on an astonishing amount sinewy and rippling muscle mass onto your frame in as little as 90 days!

The Birth of a Hero is our best selling eBook, and has helped literally hundreds of folks all around their world radicallytransform their bodies in as little as 90 days!

Finally, a NO BS approach to tacking on the absolute most amount of lean, functional muscle mass in 90 days or less!

The last nutritional protocol you will ever need. Guaranteed. Eat what you want and burn fat 24/7. Sound too good to be true? Think again!

This eatining plan will show you exactly how and what you need… Read more…

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