Penis Champion

Penis ChampionClick Image To Read More…It’s A Pad Of Fat – Most Of The Time Not Even Visible – That Is Keeping At Least 1/3 Of Your Overall Penis Length Hidden. All Men Have It.

1/3 To ½ of Your Penis is Simply Waiting Inside of Your Body. Its Hidden Roots Are Planted in the Pelvic Cavity.

My name is John Marlowe, and I want to tell you about the worst moment in my life. One morning, my wife of nine years walked in the kitchen and told me she was leaving me… for another man. There were many reasons: workaholism, golf addiction, exotic car obsession.

But here was the kicker, the words that still painfully echo for me to this day: "When we have sex, I can’t even FEEL you inside of me." I knew my penis size was below average, but I didn’t know it was this bad! "Oh, so I suppose you CAN feel this other man inside of you?" I replied. "Can I ever." I was a multi-millionaire, owned a private jet, and thought I had everything a man needed. But after hearing my wife say this, I had never felt so inadequate and powerless in all my life. But then I did something about it.

After wallowing for a while, I educated myself. I learned that having a smaller than average penis was not my fault. Both penis size and shape are genetic. Then I learned about all the different methods man has used to enlarge his penis. And as you’ll see later, I learned how all of these methods were absolutely bogus. So then, I devoted all of my time and considerable resources to finding a way to legitimately enlarge the penis. This quest led me to make many a fool’s errand, visiting everyone from experimental surgeons to mystics (which I’m embarrassed to admit). After running into nothing but dead ends for two years, I was on the verge of giving up, when one of the urology specialists I was interviewing in hopes of making my penis larger casually mentioned that perhaps I should talk to a certain porn star who – according to a Hollywood urban legend – had learned how to cheat Mother Nature and make himself into a BIGGER man.

I was skeptical. I started exploring the underbelly of the adult film industry, and the more I heard about this man, the less I believed in him.

But my curiosity was definitely piqued. Since meeting him, I’ve learned that these legends were only half-truths . . . But more importantly, I learned that one thing was entirely true: The man who I would later name Penis Champion had not always had such an impressive penis. He was a hard man to track down. He mostly lived a quiet life of humble obscurity. But after I phoned him and told him the pathetic story of my wife leaving me for a "bigger" man, he granted me a meeting.

Though this man was now widely regarded as a SEX GOD, he… Read more…

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