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Pay For SWLS Now - Successful Weight Loss SchoolClick Image To Read More…Successful Weight Loss School is a private, membership-only website, where you’ll have unrestricted access to “virtual classes” that teach you how to lose weight, tone up, and thrive with energy and includes live, interactive coaching, so your program is designed individually for YOU.

Do you want to stop torturing yourself with diets and instead learn how to party with life and lose weight for good? Then Successful Weight Loss School is for you.

As a personal trainer, I’ve helped hundreds of women lose weight and feel incredible. I felt this burning desire to help EVEN MORE women, so I created this online program to give women motivation, accountability, guidance and the results normally reserved for my one-on-one training clients.

I hated exercise. I grew up knowing absolutely nothing about healthy habits.  No one taught me the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. And to top it off, I was probably one of the most stressed out children you had ever met because chaos ruled my home.

After I graduated high school, I worked full time, lived on my own and attended to school full time. I packed on the weight quickly. I’m talkin’ very quickly.

One day–I will never forget that day–I saw myself in a full length mirror. We all have that girlfriend  who just so happens to have the ideal body, she was there too. What I saw absolutely disgusted me. In fact, it so disgusted me that I puked.

I searched for the “perfect formula” to reach that “perfect” size 2 goal. I truly believed that if I reached that size I would FINALLY be happy. Even if it meant destroying myself.

During that time I remember I wasn’t a great person to be around. It took every ounce of energy to smile. I forced it. Jealous and insecure; I was miserable on every level. 

Through my own failures + working with women just like you, I found a formula for weight loss that works.

I created a program that is enjoyable, effective, and easy to implement because every other diet and fitness program out there was restrictive, dreadful and SUCKED!

Plus, because you are busy, this program is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. You can participate anytime, anywhere, baby. In 30 minutes or less,  you lose weight, tone up and glow with energy. Yep only 30 minutes. 

Every week you attend a new “virtual class,” delivered as a video, or mp3. Listen on your computer, smart phone or ipad, or download to your ipod or mp3 player. Listen on your way to work, while cleaning, doing laundry or when you’re exercising.

You’ll also receive interactive PDF “Hell-Yeah Homework” worksheets, recipes, grocery lists, restaurant guides, workout videos, resource guides, stretch/relaxation videos, guided meditations…

›› Healthy Lifestyle Class:We will talk about your lifestyle and tweaks your behavior so you have more fun while putting a stop to these unhealthy habits (yes, it is possible… Read more…

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