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Metroflex Gym And Brian Dobson - Muscle Buidling Ebook - Muscle Mass Workouts - Online Weightlifting Guide - Weight Lifting Book - Build Up Muscle FastClick Image To Read More…Question: Where on earth are you most likely to hear the following phrases uttered? “aint nuthin’ but a peanut”, Light weight, baby”, “Yo-o- buddy”, “Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift heavy-ass weights.” Well, if you’re a serious fan of pro bodybuilding, you know the answer without hesitation: Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas, the legendary stomping ground or eight-time Mr. Olympia and the very man.

Man? More like an alien from the planet Frekazoid – who made the above lines famous, Ronnie Coleman. Look up the word hardcore in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Metroflex. It’s know throughout the bodybuilding world as one of the most dungeonlike, sweaty, intense and pure gyms on the planet. There’s nothing fancy, modern or pretty about the place, and that’s exactly the way the members want it.

When you walk through the doors of Metroflex, you better be ready to “go hard, or go home.” You have tow choices when training there: Pour out some serious sweat, or run away with your tail between your legs. Just talking about Metroflex is enough to get my testosterone skyrocketing, but what has me even more pumped up is that we all now have the opportunity to learn from the main man behind the Metroflex madness, owner and operator Brain Dobson.

Just think about how cool it would be to have the same secrets in your back pocket as Brian has taught to Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren and dozens of other top-level pro body builders, powerlifters, football players, fitness athletes and UFC fighters. What are you waiting for? Check out the website and find out how you too can benefit from the insights of a man who’s spent 30 years creating champions in the iron sports. You have nothing to lose and only slabs of new muscle to gain.

I am proud to say that within 6 months of returning home from the time I spent with Brian I have gained 30 pounds of solid muscle without raising my bodyfat percentage above 13% goining from 190 to 220. I have been able to do this while working toward my Masters in Exercise Physiology which keeps me very busy, but with these numbers I should come in above 20 lbs heavier in my next competition. I have Brian to thank for all of this.

* How You Can Train Like A Champion And Build Muscle (starting on page 29) * Save Big Money – Learn how to save money while getting bigger and stronger (page 118) * Strengthening Weak Body Parts – Learn how to construct your own specialized routines designed to help your specific situation (page 56) * How To Prepare The Night Before Your Workout (page 72) * Alternatives To "Lifting" In Order To Get Stronger (page 67) * How To Achieve Your Goals Like A Champion (page 20) * How Frequently You Should Change Your Exercises (page 35) * How To Eat Properly For Your Goals, Age, And Bodyweight… Read more…

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