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Metabolic Mayhem - Metabolic Mayhem MethodClick Image To Read More…Ibent down to tie my sneakers. I had just arrived home from work and was rushing around, trying to get ready to go to the gym.

“You’re going to miss bedtime?” Our 3-month-old was in my wife’s arms as she spoke.

I let out a sigh. “I just have to do something to lose this fat…” my words trailed off.

I sat and thought for a moment. I walked downstairs to the kitchen table and logged into my computer. I pulled up the website where I had downloaded the program for “busy people” that I never had any time to do.

If you answered “yes” to any of those, then you’re going to want to take advantage of this one time opportunity to get the entire Metabolic Mayhem system – allowing you to burn up to three times the fat in just 1/4 of the time – for only $7.

Why would I do this? I believe in new beginnings. I believe in helping people. And I believe in making it easy for you to get started NOW, because one thing I don’t believe in wasting time.

Metabolic Mayhem® was designed to help people just like me – the busiest of the busy moms and dads – shed their unwanted fat with workouts that last 20 minutes or less.

But, believe it or not, Metabolic Mayhem almost never existed. It took a brief (but intense) five-minute phone with a fitness “expert” to finally get the ball rolling…

Listen. Years ago, I struggled quite a bit with my weight. I remember having to take a break after every flight of stairs I struggled to climbed. The simple act of tying my shoes was a strenuous chore. It seemed like I was heading to the store every other week to get pants that were another size bigger…

Those days were filled with frustration. I constantly felt uncomfortable. I noticed more and more that I avoided eye contact with people. I’d spend a lot of time pulling and tugging clothes that never seemed to fit right. Every picture of me seemed to have a forced smile supported by double chins. 

I was sitting on the sidelines while everyone else lived. I was embarrassed and I’d lost my self-confidence. 

On August 18, 2001, the day I got married, I weighed over 300 pounds (I’m not sure how far over 300 pounds because I stopped weighing myself when I hit 3 bills). It was one of the happiest days of my life. But in the back of mind, I felt sure that everyone was asking themselves how my beautiful wife fell in love with a whale.

And each and every day, I blamed myself for the sad shape I was in. I was miserable and on a downward spiral. I felt defeated.

It wasn’t always this way, though. I played football and baseball in college. I partied all of the time (Mom, I hope you’re… Read more…

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