Lose Weight Mindset

Lose Weight MindsetClick Image To Read More…Follow my instructions to the letter.  It’s nearly magical how the power of your mind can affect your body, for a thinner you!

Imagine walking slowly to your refrigerator and opening it… Inside you see a large, ripe, beautifully yellow lemon.  You take it from the shelf.

Holding it in your right hand you move it slowly to your mouth.  Close enough that you can now smell it… It smells fresh, and you can almost taste the sharp, sweet, citrus as you squeeze it with your hand.

Imagine cutting it open now and realizing that fresh, summery zing of natural juice as you decide to take a small bite in to it.

It is?  Should be, since this is the power of your mind at work is actually making your mouth water.  A physical change, just with the power if your mind.  Imagine that!

This is a very very simple example of how your mind set can change your body, and further to this, your attitude to everything around you.  But most importantly, your opinion and use of food, since we’re going to make you thin using techniques like this, and many others, which are even easier to put in to practice now.

I feel lighter, look great and feel happier with life.  The funniest thing is that I started out trying to look better but now that I do, I don’t even think this is my most satisfying achievement in my new weight loss mindset.

I learnt to reclaim my confidence back from the very start and my goal of losing weight became so much easier.

What saddens me is that so many people I meet are desperately unhappy about all of these things I have conquered. They say that they don’t look good, they don’t feel good, and they’ve lost all sense of self esteem.  These very people complain that the media are to blame portraying role models as, perfect wafer thin celebrities.  They are bombarded with advertising from junk food companies and that they can’t help themselves.  They go on ‘quick fix’ diets and then fall in to old habits within weeks. It’s a vicious cycle and they cannot escape.

I used to feel the same way and use the same excuses but now I look forward to meals and feel great after eating, not bloated or guilty.

I enjoy fast food, watch America’s Next Top Model and never feel that peer pressure to look that skinny and here’s the thing I’m most proud of –  I’m not fitness freak, I actually hate the gym.

My favorite food is pizza (yum!) and I spend most of my time sitting down at work.  I’m a normal person just like you are but I broke the secret code and have never looked back.

So what did I discover about losing weight, taking back my self control and being happy that so many others have failed to understand? Read more…

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