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Lacrosse Training ExpertsClick Image To Read More…I know your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to the point: This is not your normal lacrosse site. If you’re looking for lacrosse ‘playing’ tactics or gimmicky training tips, then move on because this site is not for you. This site can and will teach you something VERY different. Something VERY powerful. But before you go further I must give you this fair warning: This isn’t like those other lacrosse based websites out there. On this site you will find exactly how to build strength, increase your speed, enhance your agility and conditioning so you can capture the eyes of college coaches from all over. In fact after applying everything on this site they won’t be able to ignore you. But remember that while knowledge is power, knowledge without action is useless. So be sure to not only learn but APPLY the information. Ok, so let’s get to it… My name is Rashad Devoe, and you are about to experience the most complete and easy to apply info for Lacrosse Training known to man. As "crazy" as that might sound, it is VERY true. So make sure you pay close attention as I explain. Here’s the deal: Lacrosse training has never been a fad of mine, it’s been an obsession. For 15 years I’ve been in the trenches training lacrosse players from all over the United States on how to prepare for maximum performance. Over the years people have shared how to play Lacrosse but few have touched on how to maximize performance playing Lacrosse. This leads to a success principle that I’d like to share with you. It’s known as the 5 Ps To Success: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance You see knowing how to play the game is great however not properly preparing your body will always lead to less than your maximum performance on the field. I’m talking about Training To Be A Great Lacrosse Player so you can experience… Stuff like: -College Coaches not being able to ignore you -Being So Fast People Would Think You Were A Fugitive -The ability to cut on a dime, change direction leaving Your Opponents in the Dust for an uncontested shot This is all that I was obsessed about when I grew up watching Lacrosse greats like Chris Remmington & Powell brothers. I would attempt to get my hands on anything I could find to become better at teaching lacrosse players how to train for the sport. Unfortunately, everything I found was not very helpful outside of gaming strategies. I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I mean. One look around the internet, book stores, or one of my favorite sites Amazon and you’ll find 99% of the "lacrosse training" info out there simply leaves you wanting to know more. In my continued passion though for lacrosse I didn’t stop learning how to train athletes. I knew that no matter what sport if you knew how to train an athlete you’d be pretty close to creating a high performing… Read more…

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