How to Build Muscle And Gain Weight Fast

How to Build Muscle And Gain Weight FastClick Image To Read More…"Could it really be THIS EASY to gain 10, 20, even 30 pounds of solid, flab-free muscle by spending less than 8 minutes in the gym per day?"

If you answered yes to any of those questions, firstly, you’re not alone. Secondly, these questions are all things I’ve sadly had to say "yes" to in the past…

You see, I know how much pain you feel when things like this happen because it happened to me for most of my life. In fact, it started before I even realized it. When I was a baby, even my own dad used to call me Buddha, because of my bald head and my protruding gut…

And all through my school life, things didn’t change much for me. Sure, the name Buddha never caught on, but plenty of others did. Being the chubby guy at school wasn’t much fun. I’m sure you can understand that.

Guys walked all over me and the only time girls would talk to me was when they needed help with their homework. Certainly not the best way to build up self esteem. Can you imagine what that feels like?

One day I finally decided I needed to take some drastic measures. So I started eating less and started exercising like a maniac. Sure enough, a few months later I’d lost a ton of weight.

Instead of going from chubby guy to the buff guy I had imagined, I ended up looking really skinny. I

"Thank you for all your advise mate needed some advise to bulk up before i went back into the navy. All the help has been well recieved. I’m now built like a brick shithouse (compared on how i used 2 be ) and my ego is larger than life cheers m8" – Matt Waller, Australia

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was damn frustrated, all that effort had resulted in nothing. I then realized that if I wanted to become the man I wanted to be, I’d need to put on some muscle.

But I certainly didn’t want to get fat again, so I had to figure out a method for putting on muscle without looking like a sumo wrestler by the end. Being a busy student, I also couldn’t spare much time to work out either.

And still being in college meant that I had no money for all the fancy supplements. At the time I felt like I had all the odds stacked against me. But I was so determined that it didn’t matter one bit…

I started reading up on all the free websites I could find. I bought a few muscle magazines to see if they had any tips. I forked out a weeks wage on some protein powder that claimed to make muscle building a breeze. I even had a weight training program designed for me by the gym instructor.

I was in… Read more…

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