How To Build A Classic Physique

How To Build A Classic PhysiqueClick Image To Read More…How A Dead Guy Helped Me Pack On 33 Pounds Of Muscle, Melt Fat And Get An Attention-Grabbing Physique…

Did you know two bites of pineapple after your workout can actually triple the amount of protein your body turns into muscle?

My name is Matthew Marshall. I’m not a professional bodybuilder,  I’m just an average guy who wanted bigger muscles and better abs.

You see, I’d been lifting weights for years.  Tracking every gram of protein at every meal for the past decade.      And I was handing over half my paycheck for supplements every month.

Despite all my efforts, I was still too skinny and still a little too pudgy around my belly.  Yup, I was “skinny-fat.”

I couldn’t figure it out.  All the other guys at the gym were growing like weeds.  But I couldn’t seem to make any progress even though I was working out twice as hard as anybody else in the place.

I was finishing up a workout at 10pm when I finally figured everything out.  When I walked into the locker room, a few of the bigger guys were huddled in the corner.  They scrambled when they saw me, and one of ‘em dropped something in the trash can.

It was a syringe!  Turns out almost everybody at the gym was injecting steroids!  I couldn’t believe it.

You’ve probably never heard of Christian Boeving, but I’ll bet you’ve seen him. He’s a famous fitness model and has been on the cover of just about every muscle magazine you can think of.

But he recently confessed “I’ve been using steroids since I was 16!”  As a result, the supplement company he modeled for FIRED HIM!  Not for using steroids… but for admitting it!

Sadly, it seems everybody is using steroids these days.   But I refuse! I knew there must be a way to get a lean & muscular physique without resorting to drugs.

Since I didn’t know who to trust anymore, I started researching old-time bodybuilders.  The ones who lived BEFORE steroids were even invented.

What I discovered absolutely blew my mind.  Turns out everything I’d ever heard about building muscle and burning fat was…

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard that to build muscle you should eat six small meals consisting of nothing more than  skinless chicken and brown rice,  right? Or how about  the  idea that you should do cardio and crunches if you want to get great abs?

The drug-free bodybuilders I researched NEVER did any cardio or crunches.  Yet they still had rock-solid abs!  And they sure as hell didn’t eat tasteless chicken 6 times a day — but they were stronger than most of todays modern bodybuilders and they had sleeve-stretching muscles!

See for yourself!  Each of these old-school bodybuilders built incredible physiques DECADES before steroids were even invented!  So you can be sure their techniques will really work for… Read more…

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