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Fitzmaurice Performance > The Bodyweight BlitzClick Image To Read More…The Bodyweight Blitz consists of a combination of bodyweight strength and cardio movements which adds up to create a high octane full body metabolic circuit which produces real results!

þ Reduce Your Bodyfat each workout will help you to increase your metabolism to burn more calories during your daily activities. Research has shown that after you complete a workout like The Bodyweight Blitz, you will increase your metabolism or the rate at which you body burns calories, for up to 36-48 hours after the workout.

þIncrease your Functional Strength the bodyweight movements included in each workout will increase your functional or “real life” strength. These functional movements will strengthen the muscles in the regions of your core, hips, shoulders,and knees. With this boost of strength and joint stabilization, you will be able to perform your daily activities much easier without pain or injury.

þ Increase your Flexibility and Mobility included in The Bodyweight Blitz is a specific warm up and dynamic flexibility protocol that has been shown to rapidly enhance muscle flexibility and overall mobility. We use these same movements with our elite athletes with profound results!

þ Increase your Energy Levels each workout will elevate your physical fitness allowing you to dramatically improve your energy levels. With an increased level of energy, you will no doubt feel a greater sense of productivity throughout your day!

þ Look and Feel your Best by making a commitment to The Bodyweight Blitz, you will see and feel positive change in your body right away! With reduced levels of body fat and an increase in your strength, flexibility and stamina… you are bound to look and feel your best!

With four levels of progression, 8 different workouts and 51 Pages Full of Content-The Bodyweight Blitz accommodates all levels of physical fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner looking to get back in shape or a seasoned veteran looking for a bodyweight challenge.There are a total of 8 different high octane routines that are specifically designed to get you results!

* Photos and complete descriptions of 3 different bodyweight only warm ups which you can choose from to complete before your workout.

* Photos and complete descriptions of 9 different movement based stretches to prepare your muscles and joints for optimal performance and to improve your flexibility.

P.S. We are truly committed to your success and want to see you achieve your goals. For this reason, we back The Bodyweight Blitz with a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Note: The Bodyweight Blitz is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order on the Clickbank secure server, you will have immediate access to download the program….and you will on your way to achieving all of your physical fitness goals! Read more…

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