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Getting ready for a figure competition: Training for a figure show may be the hardest thing you ever do. Many competitors train their butts off, put friends and family on the back burner, sacrifice the things they love to do etc…. and they still look out of shape for a figure competition (they may look good for the beach – but a figure competition is another level of fitness!), simply put… they should not have competed! What a shame! It doesn’t matter how hard you train…. it only matters how smart you train. Too many competitors are just winging it: With the lack of figure coaches and shoddy information online, it can be almost impossible to properly prepare for a show. You would be shocked at some of the emails I get from women trying to prepare for a figure competition taking advice from unqualified trainers (some trainers still make their clients ttrain in plastic-type suits… which is pretty much like training in a plastic bag – a good way to get dehydrated and sick… I thought this form of training disappeared 30 years ago!) Only a small percentage of figure competitors succeed: The truth is that your chances of success are not great if you don’t follow the right routine. DON’T get mesmerized by the top competitors you see in magazines… they make up a small percentage of all competitors. The rest are trying to figure it all out and many go into a competition with little chance of winning because they don’t look their best.

With a young daughter and a full-time job, Pro figure competitor Laurie doesn’t have time to waste following the wrong programs. She comes to my gym, hammers out her workout, practices her posing and she is out the door… no chit chat, no wasted time! A true professional.

FigureReady is a 12 week program that teaches you how to workout and pose for a figure competition. Each week a new link is sent to you for your next lesson. The program builds upon itself so that you are not overwhelmed. The workouts get progressively more difficult as you lose more and more body fat. The posing instruction starts with the basics and then helps you put it all together. It’s exactly how I show my competitors how to pose. No fluff, no professional models, no special lighting… just real life competitors!

The workouts you need to lose body fat for a figure competition are different than workouts you see most women performing in the gym. You must do different stuff and push yourself because you’re trying to reach a level of fitness most women only dream about. Each week you will receive 3 new workouts. Over the 12 week course the exercises and workouts will become progressively more difficult. Each workout can be downloaded… Read more…

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