Fat Loss Fundamentals – Burn Fat While Learning How To Eat Better

Fat Loss Fundamentals - Burn Fat While Learning How To  Eat BetterClick Image To Read More…“In the pages that follow is your chance to learn, Step by Step how I lost over 300 pounds of fat and gained 50 pounds of lean muscle… transforming me from an embarrassingly obese fatso to a lean muscular athlete LITERALLY OVERNIGHT”

I was a nearly 500 pound cab driver, fat, obese, depressed and embarrassed about the way I looked… I felt helpless and sickened every time I looked in the mirror.

I had trouble doing normal everyday tasks like putting on my socks and shoes, or getting in and out of my car.

“How did I let this happen to me? How am I ever going to go on the vacations and do the events all my regular friends do?”

I you’re grossly overweight like I was, I’m sure you can relate to the pain and embarrassment I suffered every day basically trying to just live a “normal” life…

Look at me in the picture on the left and you can see why my doctor told me “Rob you need to change your lifestyle IMMEDIATELY, You must lose hundreds of pounds or you’re not going to live to age 40. You’re a walking heart attack waiting to happen”

If You MUST LOSE 25, 100, Even 300 Pounds of Fat Like I Had To, What Your Are About To Read May Save Your Life

Let me explain a little about my, as some have called the most, “mind blowing and shocking physique transformation they have even seen.”

But first I have to be honest with you. I was so fat and out of shape that I didn’t really believe I was going to look like a bodybuilder or “athlete” in less than three years.

In fact, I was in terrible denial and, I tried to convince myself and lie to myself daily, But underneath I was crying out for help. A voice inside me knew and reminded me of the truth that…”

I started by imagining wearing stylish clothes and envisioning myself in my new body, I dreamed of all the things I could do being in great shape, all the things that were a pain in the ass for me as a 500 POUND FATSO – all the things THAT ARE TAKEN FOR GRANTED by the “normal weight” people.

And that’s just the start! I bought and devoured every book and magazine I could get my hands on to do with weight loss and natural health. I became the most knowledgeable fatso on losing fat, on this side of the planet!

I got confused by all the conflicting information and obvious marketing exaggerations and misinformation causing information overload – leaving me wondering what to do…

I was a 475 pound cab driver, working nights and wearing the same clothes day in and day out because I HATED going shopping.

Shopping meant walking and standing upright for too long that my back eventually gave out. I was so pathetically out of shape that movement of any… Read more…

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