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Fastfatloss4life :: IndexClick Image To Read More…You’re about to read a shocking report most of the "weight loss gurus" are furious at me for releasing. But..I’m gonna do it anyway. Read my story now as I expose the truth about what it really takes for an "average" person to design the body of their dream.

I am looking for an elite group of men and women determined to design the body of their dreams and be among the most healthy, lean and sexy people this summer. These secrets have helped my clients lose upwards of 9kg and sculpt the body of their dreams in just 28 days … Now, its YOUR turn to put these secrets to work!

My name is James Ramage and I’m going to be completely up front with you right from the get go. I have never been over weight. Throughout my child hood I was extremely active and I was lucky enough to have a family that recognized that and ensured that I followed my passion for being active and staying healthy into a career. The good news for you is I have spent 14 years in the health and weight loss industry and have trained 1000 s not 100 s of people just like you in developing the body of their dreams. You can do this!! You have unfinished business. All those pricey personal trainers took you for a fool and now its payback time… The under qualified pricey trainers… don’t know it yet, but they could be about to give YOU one heck of a send off! As you say ‘adios’ to expensive gyms, pushy personal trainers over priced supplement stores and instead enjoy the taste of real nutritious foods and training at your own leisure in the comfort surroundings of your own home all while achieving the body you’ve always wanted. I don’t exaggerate. Achieving the body of your dreams can be done in just 28 days all while exercising for only 2hrs per week! 30min per session! I only need a few minutes to explain why you’re now at the point where you could get the better of the weight loss gurus instead of the weight loss guru’s getting the better of you.

That’s right, you don’t need to be a member of a gym. In fact I recommend NOT BEING a member of a pricey gym. My most favorite piece of equipment in the entire world is the Kettlebell.

"I have always found the kettlebell to be one of the most useful and fascinating pieces of weight training apparatus. It can be handled in so many diverse manners that its application in the field of body-building, and muscle toning exercises is almost without limit. You will have to hunt for a long time to find a more versatile piece of training equipment." – Sig Klein

What are kettlebells? Kettlebells started life in rural Russia nearly 300 years ago as a counterbalance for weighing grain. Russian peasants swung it around for a bit of convenient weight training… Read more…

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