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EYB  - Warrior FitnessClick Image To Read More…You’ve been breathing your entire life through every single situation and activity imaginable, right? So how could you possibly be doing it wrong?

“Let’s talk about Jon Haas’s new e-book and video titled Evolve Your Breathing: Essential Techniques For Optimal Performance. Evolve Your Breathing is a fantastic resource for learning a simple systematic approach to breathing that will not only increase your performance, it can change your life.” – Craig Gray (read the rest of Craig’s review HERE)

Most of us only stop to consider how we are breathing when there’s a problem. When our sport, martial art, or fitness training pushes us to the point where we are out of breath and have a hard time recovering, or when we get sick and can’t breathe; if you have asthma this feeling can be a much more frequent occurrence.

But what if there were specific exercises we could do, protocols we could employ, techniques we could master that would allow us to function at an optimal level, even under extreme stress? What if these exercises taught and used by high level martial artists and elite athletes were suddenly available to you?

‎”Jon Haas’s new book, Evolve Your Breathing, is well worth reading. Too many people overlook this typle of training.” – Frank DiMeo, Owner/Head Coach Crossfit Gulf Coast

Interview with Jon Haas discussing fitness, martial arts, and the new program – Evolve Your Breathing!

Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

The written material is in the PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. The video files are available in the .wmv format. Read more…

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