Extreme Dumbbell Fitness – Extreme Dumbbell Fitness

Extreme Dumbbell Fitness - Extreme Dumbbell FitnessClick Image To Read More…Hey, Coach Lomax here. Let me first start by answering a common question exercisers have about dumbbell training…

“Coach, can I REALLY get a great full body workout that builds muscle and burn fat with ONLY dumbbells?”

Not only can using dumbbells work your entire body, build muscle, bur fat and MUCH MORE… but dumbbell training has ADVANTAGES over other training methods!

– You are either moving your own body around (squatting, pushing, pulling, twisting, jumping, etc.), or…

– You are moving weighted objects around (lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.), often with either one arm at a time, or in an alternating fashion .

So, when you exercise, you are training your body to MOVE more effectively. And when talking about ‘Weighted Resistance” there is no better tool than dumbbells to train your body to MOVE either one limb at a time, or in an alternating fashion. You just can’t train the same types of movements with barbells or strapped into a machine!

When you train your body to move using dumbbell exercises, your training RESULTS in more muscle, stronger muscles and less fat to aid PERFORMANCE in real-world movements!

So, you not only are able to perform better, but your body builds useful muscle and gets rid of performance robbing fat… which makes you look great!

Let’s look at 5 “hidden’ reasons you should be using dumbbell exercise to build a great looking, high-performance body…

2) Using dumbbells for unilateral training (one-limb training), is more effective for burning fat than the two-limb versions of the same exercise. (Since you spend twice as long performing each set… you DOUBLE the metabolic cost!) Burning MORE FAT per workout means you reach your fat loss goals FASTER!

3) Dumbbell exercise builds a stronger core than crunches, sit ups and other common abdominal exercises. (Your core muscles have to work overtime to maintain balance.) Every time you use dumbbells you automatically get a SIX-PACK abdominal workout!

4) You can use dumbbells to get a full body muscular and cardio workout at the same time. (Rhythmic dumbbell exercise not only builds strong, useful muscle, but requires tremendous heart and lung power, making your dumbbell workout ULTRA EFFICIENT!) You SIMULTANEOUSLY build muscle, burn fat and improve heart and lung power during the workout!

5) Dumbbell training is more versatile than other training methods, making it responsible for more REAL-WORLD BENEFITS. (Dumbbells can be used in unison, unilaterally or in an alternating fashion to train your ENTIRE body in the ways it most naturally moves!) You build extreme fitness and a powerful physique you can use both IN and OUT of the gym!

These powerful benefits are often overlooked by the casual exerciser and high-performance athlete alike… and should get you excited about the great opportunity dumbbell training provides.

“Why You Didn’t Get The RESULTS You Wanted From Your Last Workout Program…”

You’re about to learn why you probably FAILED to reach your fitness, fat loss and physique goals… Read more…

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