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Elite Soccer Power - Soccer Fitness TrainingClick Image To Read More…If your child has been struggling to figure out exactly which exercises to do so that they can become bigger stronger faster and last longer in soccer games so that they get noticed by other coaches and scouts…

…then you’re about to learn a quick and easy, step by step system they can use to  create a highly effective soccer machine starting now!

It’s true… There’s no better feeling than watching your kid smile and dash out to the soccer field. You’ve seen first-hand just how much your kid loves it. Especially when the team wins… the cheers, the joy, and the high-fives all around!

Imagine how amazing it would feel if it was your kid who everybody looked up too, who the greatest player on the field was, who everyone wanted to carry around after the game, who had amazing self-esteem, who felt great about themselves all the time because they knew they had this one thing they were truly great at, that they were a master at?

The good news is that giving your kid this kind of advantage IS possible – and it’s actually much easier than you think.

If you are the type of parent who actually cares about your kid being truly great at soccer, having all the advantages – the health advantages,  the social advantages that come to you, then please turn off the radio, shut off the phone, exit your e-mail, shut the door and read every single word on this page because I am going to teach you what you need to know to help your kid get to that elusive “superstar” status…

What is the single secret that Zidane, Beckham,  Messi and other superstar soccer players have all in common that make them head and shoulders above everyone else the soccer field?

You see, Mom and Dad, soccer has evolved and the dynamics of the game have changed in the past few years. It is now a “high-energy” game of power and speed. It is a game where your kid needs to be able to sprint, stop -start and change direction and recover quickly on a continuous basis.

A game with sudden twists, turns, tackling, kicking and jumping. In fact, playing soccer without a specific soccer fitness training system is a disaster waiting to happen.

The sad thing is that most well-meaning coaches (who are supposed to be “experts”) still think that soccer-specific fitness development is not necessary for young players or they put them on outdated soccer fitness training programs where all they do is jog for 30 to 40 minutes with sit ups and push ups…( this could be your kids coach now!)

(and by the way did you know that research has shown that doing sit ups or crunches puts unnecessary pressure on the discs alone leads to major shoulder, neck and issues later in life)

And the few coaches that even consider it are using watered-down… Read more…

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