Dieting Cocktails – Everything you need to know about reducing the calories in your cocktails!

Dieting Cocktails - Everything you need to know about reducing the calories in your cocktails!Click Image To Read More…Enjoying an alcoholic drink every now and then is something you will probably do, at some point, with all your efforts to losing weight.

A sweet & sour Margarita on the rocks… fresh Cherries on top of a Vanilla Martini…  the fizzy texture of a Raspberry-Champagne Cocktail… a rich and creamy sip of Chocolate Martini… 

Only thinking about these delicious drinks makes your mouth water and, when you’re on a diet, it’s hard to resist.

Just one little cocktail is sometimes enough to ruin your whole weight loss plan and get you back to feeling frustrated and discouraged. Just one drink, with its 500-600 calories, is enough to make you feel guilty and raise your blood sugar, at the same time.

When you want to lose weight, or just watch your figure, you become very careful with what you put on your plate.

That’s right. Research shows that liquid calorie intake has a stronger impact on weight than solid calorie.

In order to be able to drink alcohol and still lose weight, you have to know what to drink, how to drink and when to drink. How To Drink Smart is what I will teach you next.

But don’t worry! By getting your own copy of my book, “The Diet Girl’s Cocktail Agenda”, you’ll know to prepare a 112 calorie Chocolate Martini, with the same rich, delicious texture and taste!

If at least once you went to a party and only had a diet coke, because you were afraid that alcohol would ruin your diet… then you have to keep reading and relax. I can, and will, help you.

If having a Cosmopolitan now feels guilty, because you know what that could do to your body – and only the thought of it makes you depressed… stop now. You’re wrong.

It’s not your fault for feeling this way, though. You should know that these are common fears, because we, as humans, are raised to get scared easily and only pay attention to what’s obvious. It’s the way society works. You don’t need to feel guilty about having a cocktail or two, once you have the right information. The problem is you need to have the whole picture, not just bits.

I am so confident in the secrets I revealed here, that if for any reason you feel unsatisfied, I’ll give you every penny back, PLUS you get to keep my book.

Although it is said to deliver 7 calories per gram, only 5 calories end up being absorbed by the body, the rest is burned quickly.

Studies have shown that only 5% of the total amount of alcohol you consume can end up being  stored as fat.

The calorie booster in cocktails is not even alcohol, but, believe it or not, the sugar contained in the drinks.

Most cocktail mixers are full of sugars, carbohydrates and fat. You can cleverly avoid them, once you have the right information… Read more…

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