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Dear friend, Are you the type of guy that can’t seem to find time to juggle all the women in your life? Does it seem as though women just naturally gravitate towards you and in some cases, will fight with other women for your attention? Do your friends get upset because the women they like secretly want to be with you? Do you ever wonder how some guys can’t even land a date yet you have to turn your phone off to avoid all the calls from women just dying to be around you? Whether you believe it or not, there are a select group of men out there who experience these problems (if you want to call them that). For them, the problem is not getting a woman; it’s deciding which one he’s going to have to drop because he can’t fit them all into his busy dating schedule. Nearly every woman that he comes into contact with is attracted at most and curious at the very least to know more about him. Simply put, he’s intriguing to the female race in every capacity. You probably have a friend or perhaps you’ve met someone who can be considered a member of this select group. You know the type of guy I’m talking about. He’s the guy that every other guy wishes they could be when it comes to women. Some men are even (dare I say) intimidated by his possession of power with women. All we can do is watch idle while he almost magically draws women to him. He can walk into a room and have every set of female eyes locked on him and he does it both instantly and effortlessly. And the crazy thing is that he seems almost unmoved by all the attention. It’s simply just the norm for him like the way he walks or talks. Not having his pick of the litter when it comes to women would seem like something completely absurd to him. And for this reason, his demeanor with women is a little different than many men. And it’s completely different from those men who struggle to get dates. And because of that, he gets even more dates. It’s like the rich guy who has more money than he knows what do with and wins the lottery while the poor guy who works 2 jobs and brown bags… Read more…

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