Chocolate Against Osteopenia

Chocolate Against OsteopeniaClick Image To Read More…She is a retired Home Economics teacher living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Having studied in Melbourne, she majored in nutrition, food science and biochemistry.

She has maintained a keen interest in nutritional trends for over 40 years and is constantly on the lookout for healthier food options.

Over the years she has grown increasingly dismayed at the amount of misinformation we are fed through the media about what we should eat. "I am very aware that the motives of the industrial food giants are not necessarily our good health but more so their monetary gain."

Continuing her research into what makes up a healthy diet she decided three years ago to become a “raw foodist” and now eat at least 80% of her food raw. It has become very obvious to her that our cooked and processed diet is slowly killing us. She is not advocating that everyone follow her path however does believe that any increase in the amount of raw food we eat has a benefit.

Scarily the incidence of diet related conditions such as obesity, heart failure, diabetes and osteoporosis/osteopenia is growing alarmingly and they have all now reached epidemic proportions. Obviously something is very wrong with the standard diet!

As part of her raw diet she eats the most amazingly delicious, healthy chocolate. This is not the store-bought variety we are all used to but a simple and easy to make chocolate using all natural ingredients.

Hi, My name is Gaye Sheppard and I am a fit and healthy woman just on the other side of 60. Lately I have had quite a sore lower back so just as a precaution I decided to have a bone density test done just to rule out the possibility of osteoporosis. I didn’t think for one moment this would apply to me as I do all the right things for my bones like lots of dairy and exercise. However the doctor suggested it so off I went.

Imagine how I felt when my T-score (measurement of bone density) came back at just below the osteoporosis range. The doctor said it was very advanced osteopenia. My initial reaction was shock and indignation! How could this possibly be? Maybe it was a mistake! Then I became confused and upset.

I am very proud of how fit and healthy I am. Over the years I have watched my weight, chosen low-fat everything, had plenty of dairy for my calcium and eaten my share of salads and fruit. I don’t smoke or drink too much. As I live a short walk from what would have to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches it is no effort to walk nearly every day. I was also going to the gym regularly as I was about to go on a skiing holiday with my children so need to be fit to keep up with them on the slopes.

So you can imagine how cheated I felt… Read more…

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