Candida30 – Permanently Heal Your Candida Infection in 30 Days or Less!

Candida30 - Permanently Heal Your Candida Infection in 30 Days or Less!Click Image To Read More…There are thousands of women in the same boat as you, suffering from candida (also called yeast infection, fungal infection, or thrush) and struggling with itching, discharge, odors, bloating, severe cramps, depression attacks, toenail fungus, anal itch, and several other symptoms. Sadly, many women were born with it, since it’s an infection that is passed along to the baby during pregnancy. It usually becomes extremely acute from the time when a woman ovulates until her period starts, and when she’s pregnant. Candida, bacterial vaginosis, and most other vaginal infections and syndromes all have the same root causes, and once you work on addressing these core issues, you will start to heal and all your symptoms will subside. Most women keep struggling with candida because of the lack of information and the amount of bad information available out there, and most doctors are completely clueless about what candida is and are unsympathetic to the pains of their patients.

My candida infection was humiliating me, ruining my sexual relationship with my boyfriend, making me feel disgusting and embarrassed, and lowering my self-esteem. I had to uncontrollably itch all the time. Sometimes I would wake up and find my underwear covered in discharge or find that I have unknowingly taken it off to itch. I was so grossed out everyday. When my boyfriend & I would start making love, I couldn’t be in the moment with him because I would always start thinking about how I smelled down there and if I would look or smell disgusting to him, and if i’m going to look unusual to him because it that area was so red from the constant itching. Sometimes I would stop & cry in the middle of it because I just felt that it was so unfair. I hated it. I was even waiting for the day when my boyfriend would break up with me and tell me that it isn’t working out. In fact, my last boyfriend broke up with me and even though he didn’t tell me directly I could tell it was because of my behavior and insecurity to become intimate with him and let him get closer to my vaginal area. At random times during the day, sometimes when I would be working, talking on the phone, or maybe out waiting in the line in a grocery store, I would get an uncontrollable urge to itch, and I would have to wait until no one was there so that I can itch unstoppably.

Candida was slowly ruining my life, and there was nothing I could do about it. I didn’t know what the problem could be, and so I tried all different types of things to solve it. I tried every single medication known to man and nothing worked. I was showering 3 times a day, douching, placing yogurt on the area, using lotions and creams and fragrances, stopped using detergents and wore only cotton underwear, but still, nothing worked. I… Read more…

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