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Bootcamp Basics: HomeClick Image To Read More…My name is Jesse McConaghy and I’m writing you this letter from my home office in Canberra, Australia. I just finished with a great full-body workout had a protein shake and a banana and then took my family out for lunch.

I love the freedom that owning a personal training/ Bootcamp business allows me to have… I get to help people on a daily basis reach their fitness goals and get into incredible shape… I get to work where I want AND when I want… and the money is fantastic… it’s go to be the best job I know…

What’s cool about it is that just about anybody can do it… no diplomas or degrees required… hell one of my business partner’s left school in year 10 with nothing and now we own one of Australia’s most successful Boot Camp businesses together…

By now you probably know that Bootcamps are one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world. They are ridiculously profitable, simple to set up and run, and involve almost no risk. Better yet, any solid personal trainer can get started with their own Bootcamp and be making money almost immediately.

One of the main benefits is that it doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world – bootcamps have proven successful in small towns (less than 3000 people) and in big cities. Bootcamps work anywhere!

We have been in business for only five years and in that time we have grown our Bootcamp business from a small two man operation making $26,000, to Australia’s P.T Business of the Year for the last two years.

We were two guys that were probably in the same situation you are in right now? We were working for a multi national Health Club chain, making an ok living, but disturbed by the fact that we were doing ALL the work, yet only receiving around 35% of the money people were spending to train with us!

We were sitting around together one day and discussing this fact and between we decided that we could set up a business and do this ourselves and keep all the profit.

A Bootcamp can be started with virtually no up front investment: a couple hundred bucks will get you rolling and all the equipment you need.

A Bootcamp overhead is minimal: equipment that can fit in the trunk of your car and no costly lease.

As far as I’m concerned, Bootcamps are the simplest profit-producing, lifestyle-changing personal training business available today.

We have included everything you need to know, all the documents, forms, tools, operations, management and marketing systems plus specific, detailed instructions and all programs are included.

You can have your own Bootcamp up-and-running within days and if you follow the blueprint that I’m giving you, there is no reason you too can’t be running a very successful fitness business like ours while drastically cutting your workload… Read more…

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