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Bodyweight Blitz, Bodyweight Workouts, At Home Exercises, Healthy Eating Tips, Training Body WeightClick Image To Read More…If you’ve ever wondered whether body weight training alone will help you get rid of your stubborn belly fat than you’ve found the right place

Hi there, this is Sydney’s Bodyweight Transformation Specialist Daniel Munday and I help people like you get a flat stomach, lose the muffin top and fit back into your old clothes even if you are sick to death of bad experiences at the gym and wasting endless amounts of money on expensive home gym equipment and infomercial gadgets that just gather dust.

Truth be told, it drive me absolutely nuts when I see all those flashy gadgets that are passed off on TV as the next best thing.

All they do is give training at home a bad wrap. I mean, do you really think that an Ab Dominator 4000 is really going to get you back in your skinny jeans?

Truth be told, I never used to really be a fan of bodyweight workouts. It was always gyms and machines for me back in the day. I even used to work in gyms and I got sucked into believing all the hype about all the flashy equipment.

I used to think that bodyweight exercises were just about squats, sit ups and push ups and that was pretty much it.

In fact, I pretty much stumbled into the benefits of body weight training only because when I branched out and started my own training business I was on a very limited budget and couldn’t afford lots of fancy stuff. Even if I could have afforded all the gear it was too hard to transport everything around anyway.

As it turns out I got rid of the sandbags and I kept the bodyweight exercises with minimal other equipment because of 3 simple reasons:

Don’t You Think It’s Time We Said Goodbye to All of the Confusion & The Millions of Bonuses That Come With Every Online Fitness Product?

You know what I mean right? When you have to download a dozen bonuses there is plain and simply too much information competing for your attention and it is just too confusing to know where to start.

It’s given me the you-know-what’s too many times in the past and it was time to do something about it.

Are you sick of spending your hard earned on an online workout program and promising yourself that this time is really my time and I’ll finally knuckle down and stick to the plan?

Only to find out that 1 month has passed and the program is gathering virtual dust on your hard drive like all the other ones that you’ve tried.

I know I’ve done that before and I’m the fitness expert so I can understand how you feel if you’ve done it too.

Bodyweight Blitz is definitely for you if you are sick of buying yet another fitness product online only to find that you have to download… Read more…

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