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I’m about to share something so powerful, a large fitness infomercial company wants to shut us down.

Seven months ago, a well-known fitness expert named Ryan Lee went on a personal mission to create the first fitness robot that makes losing weight quick and foolproof. He affectionately named the robot: BodyBot.

The BodyBot delivers high-velocity weight-loss results in as few as 4 minutes a day. I’m serious, just 4 minutes. Now you understand why so many big fitness companies are shaking in their boots.

The state-of-the-art BodyBot software is based on the exact same workout system developed by Ryan that Men’s Fitness Magazine hails as “The World’s Fastest Workout”.

Ryan’s belly-busting system was also featured on the cover of Millionaire Blueprints Magazine which went on to write an 8 page feature article calling his weight loss programs: “The Future of Fitness.”

The scientifically designed BodyBot was created to get you as fit as possible – quickly and easily.

Watch as BodyBot Creates a 100% Fully Customized 4-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout in Just 30 Seconds Flat – Right Before Your Eyes…

You are about to experience the how easy it is to lose weight – in as few as 4 minutes a day…

You’ve been told so many lies and half-truths about weight loss and exercise over the years, you have every right to question what I am telling you.

With the help of Ryan, we’ve created the “Top 3 Weight Loss Myths”, and most importantly, discover why these myths are dead-wrong (and how you can lose weight easier than you ever thought possible)

Weight Loss Fact: Studies Prove You Can Get Results in as few as 20 Seconds at a Time

We’ve been fed the “aerobic” lie for over 30 years. Even doctors have been fooled by this pervasive myth.

EPOC stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. It’s a scientific way of describing the calories you burn after you are done exercising.

But with high intensity exercise (even as short as 4 minutes at a time) your body continues to burn calories for up to 2 days later.

That’s right – your body is still working hard burning that stubborn fat long after your workout is complete. That’s the miracle of BodyBot workouts.

You burn more fat when you are not exercising. You are literally transforming your body in to a high-voltage metabolic machine.

In fact a scientific study done by Laval University proved that short, intense workouts burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional slow training.

Check out this video to see some powerful fat-blasting exercises and the… Read more…

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