Body Weight Solutions Basics – Body Weight Training Flow Program

Body Weight Solutions Basics - Body Weight Training Flow ProgramClick Image To Read More…The Body Weight Solutions Cobwebs program can either be used as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to the Body Weight Solutions Basics program.

Cobwebs consists of 4 downloadable videos, geared towards improving your mobility, flexibility, suppleness and tension regulation.

However, the old ways of thinking about the human body are slowly dying off. Body Building is a sport, Spot-Reduction is a ruse, and Body-Shaping is for stone sculptures. If you’re cool with having less-than-optimal movement quality – or even moving like a tank – than those pursuits may top your training hierarchy.

They topped mine for quite some time, and eventually came back around to bite me… multiple times… from multiple angles, leaving me worse for wear, brow-beaten and disenchanted with all things fitness.

However, if you’re willing to entertain an “unconventional” perspective, and accept the fact that there’s one muscle in the human body – an interwoven webby matrix of myofascia, tacked down at various points across an underlying bag of bones – then you’ll find that we need to train movements, not muscles for the most effective and efficient results. We’ll need to train lines of tension, pull and tug in unison – not isolation – if we’re looking to keep acquiring new skills, to keep our mind and body sharp, and to constantly move better in an effort to BE BETTER in all that we do.

While body transformation is a motivating and life-changing goal, to be certain, training for it alone is not the most optimal path to a life of grace, ease, confidence, resiliency, resourcefulness, adaptability and longevity.

Body Transformation, after all, can be the source of much-needed inspiration, and newfound confidence. I’ll be the first to freely admit this.

Still, you can, with great success, transform your body by transforming your movement.  This, in fact, is simply a matter of programming – a natural side effect if you will.

At the end of the day, how good you look on the outside is not directly proportional to how healthy you are on the inside or how well you’ll move when you need to.

It’s not enough to simply prioritize activity in your daily routine.  Training, simply for the sake of training, will not only have diminishing returns, but can very well set you up for future injury and dis-ease.

While working the movements in this program will get your heart rate up, blood pumping, sweat dripping and muscles burning that’s not really why they’ve been chosen.

They’ve been chosen to address specific tendencies and forms of our emerging technology-driven culture.

There is no filler or fodder contained in this program.  Everything you’ll do, from the preparation drills, to the positional sets, to stimulation work, to restoration poses, to accessory movements, is done for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE.

By defining the meaning behind your movement (be it in this program or any), you avoid training empty, rote… Read more…

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