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OK, this may start off sounding like one of those redneck jokes, but let me ask, does any of this sound familiar?

I know, my questions sound like one of those, “you just might be a redneck if…” jokes. But this is no joke! We women over 40 have some challenges you would never believe unless you experienced them yourself, right?

So if you could identify with at least one of the previous questions, I’m also going to guess that the following questions will resonate with you too…

How many times have you stared at yourself in the mirror, not happy with what you see? Or worse, refuse to even look at yourself from the neck down?

Have you started to avoid wearing certain styles of clothing (like shorts or sleeveless) because you don’t want anyone to see those parts of you?

Have you stopped shopping for clothes or thinking that you can be fashionable because you don’t think that anything fits or looks good on you?

Well, you’re not alone. I’ve done it. In fact, what woman over 40 HASN’T done it? But I’m also here to tell you that’s crazy! It’s no way to live. We all deserve to look and feel fantastic, sexy, and yes, HOT! Because there is another way – really!!!

Yes, it’s true. We women over 40 have some unique challenges. But it was never supposed to happen to YOU, right?  

So yes, age and gravity are starting to take effect. It’s not just because family genetics either. This is much more than age, gravity, and even genetics. But there are things you can do counteract some of that.

The fact is, we all have crazy demands on our lives. We work both inside and/or outside the home. Some of us have kids, pets, spouses, significant others. We all have bills to pay. Retirement to worry about. Parents that are starting to get up there in age. Not to mention the 10 million and one other things that cause us stress. So we don’t always take care of ourselves the way we should. And it’s finally caught up. Plus, seeing our droopy butt in the mirror or the extra lines around our eyes doesn’t help our psyche either!

And who wants that? That’s something that happens to other people. It’s not supposed to happen to you!

But this is life and, it IS happening to you. So face it. You’re getting older. So what? That doesn’t mean you’re dead!

Getting older and being busy is no excuse not to take care of yourself. Every one of us, can feel and SHOULD feel good about the way we look.

And don’t give me the, “I can’t fit it in, I don… Read more…

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