ALPHA MALEClick Image To Read More…If you’re not, we have bad news. In these tough times, it’s survival of the fittest. You’re gonna get steamrolled by the competition.

If you’re looking to become better than you ever have, your absolute True Alpha best, get ready to take on the challenge of the Alpha Male Advanced Workout system—the explosive 10-week muscle-building, fat-stripping 36-workout masterpiece by three renowned fitness and bodybuilding experts:

Eric Broser – Natural Bodybuilder, Trainer/Coach, Author, IronMan Columnist, Consultant and Creator of the Popular Shock-Rep Range-Power System of training!

Rick Collins – Columnist, Alpha Male Challenge Author, Attorney, Trainer and Celebrated Personality in the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Dietary Supplements Industry!

James Villepigue – Celebrity Trainer and International Best-Selling Author of the Body Sculpting Bibles and Alpha Male Challenge!

Let’s be real. You’re probably just like most guys out there who’ve spent a great deal of time and a whole lot of cash trying to discover the “magic bullet” that will allow you to break past your physical sticking points and take your body to a whole ‘nother level. Yeah, you’ve probably worked out hard, eaten the right foods, forced down all sorts of pills/powders, gotten your rest and done everything else you’re “supposed to do” with the hopes that you’d eventually transform your physique from one that’s slacked to one that’s jacked!

But stop and think about it for a second… why is it that despite all of your past efforts, you’ve just never reached the jaw-dropping, V-shaped body you set out to achieve? Most, if not all of us men are filled with tremendous desire and inner passion to lose the belly, build lean muscle, enhance overall strength, increase our stamina and show up at the beach, playing field or ball court feeling totally proud and excited to show the world exactly what we’re made of! But something happened along the way, something has been holding you back. You understand that you have either fallen off course, or were never on the right one.

This scientifically-proven and carefully detailed 10-week workout system is the step-by-step True Alpha blueprint with absolutely everything you need to achieve maximum results and keep them… for good! It’s the difference between being adequate or EXTRAORDINARY… typically average or TRUE ALPHA!

James and Rick are the authors of the Alpha Male Challenge—the ultimate mind-body transformation program for men. Published by Rodale Inc., Alpha Male Challenge is the totally revolutionary 10-week plan for constructing the TRUE Alpha Male: a whole new kind of you who is brimming with confidence, loaded with rock-hard muscle, admired by men, desired by women, and respected by everyone.

Eric is the creator of the Power-Rep Range-Shock (P/RR/S) training system. Available as an e-book and DVD, P/RR/S training efficiently attacks every facet of muscle hypertrophy with different workouts each week… Read more…

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