Alpha Kettlebell Workouts – Beginner Kettlebell Training For Weight Loss

Alpha Kettlebell Workouts - Beginner Kettlebell Training For Weight LossClick Image To Read More…Just click the button below and that’ll take you to our payment processor for you to complete your registration.

Instant Access To Kettlebell Training No need to wait for the DVD to arrive in the post, you get instant access today to the training plans getting you started immediately with effective fat burning workouts

New Programs Every Month  Each month you’ll get access to more training plans as you progress with your kettlebell experience, keeping your metabolism fired up and losing body fat continuously

Video Of Every Workout Never be confused or unsure of the right technique. Troy walks you through the correct technique for EVERY exercise, leaving you in no doubt of the exercises effectiveness and safety!

Ongoing Support Ask Troy your questions directly through a “Members Only” community right within the site. A great place to speak with and be motivated by other kettlebell exercisers.

9 BONUS Interviews & Resources Everything from a “never failed” nutrition plan to an exclusive interview with the godfather of the American kettlebell movement.

So it only makes no-nonsense, high accessibility unconventional training tools and methods such as kettlebells, sandbags, and suspension are his chosen weapons to get clients leaner, athletes faster, and soldiers more resilient, or in other words:  to achieve optimum RESULTS with minimum waste.

I kept on eating like I was running however. Well the pounds packed on. I went from 155 pounds to 209 pounds.

I found Meltdown and joined immediately and purchased the program. Although I had DVDs on using the kettlebell I wanted a program that was specific to weight loss and an ongoing program. Alpha Kettlebell was it.

I started using Alpha Kettlebell and joined the Transformation contest and began to loose weight and feeling even better.

I learned from him that I was performing some of the drills incorrectly at first. I was set straight and on my way to further kettlebell drills and more weight loss.

Well, we all know that’s not true!! I was quickly going out and buying the next size up about every other week!

When the contest came out it was just the thing I needed. I was beginning to get that “why am I exercising” mentality – a dangerous place to be – it gave me a goal to work towards.

I had a reason for doing my training even when I didn’t feel like it. Being accountable to others is a very powerful motivator.

By the middle of the contest I was getting compliments on how great I looked from both guys and gals. Now if that isn’t an ego booster, I don’t know what is.

And those live sessions on Friday – it was something I looked forward to as a great way to end a hectic week at work and start off feeling energized for the weekend.

I also liked the fact that Troy was doing the workout right along with us – getting “smoked”, too! He made it feel like we were working… Read more…

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