Advanced Boot Camp Workouts

Advanced Boot Camp WorkoutsClick Image To Read More…36 Brand NEW, ADVANCED Boot Camp Workouts to Maximize Your Camper’s RESULTS & Breakthrough Their Stubborn Plateaus!

Are you READY to take your boot camp workouts to another level by introducing NEW Challenges, Crazy Interval Circuits, and KICK ASS Fat-Burning Workouts to YOUR campers?

Are you SICK and TIRED of using the same old boring workouts in your boot camp classes? Do your campers feel like they are doing the SAME exercises OVER and OVER again?

Do you have other trainers teaching your Boot Camps & want Done-For-You printable workouts that you can just hand over to your instructors? Do you want to separate your camp from your COMPETITION by having workouts that campers will be talking about LONG after they leave class?

These advanced workouts are written BY boot camp owners, FOR boot camp owners. We know what it’s like to have to constantly come up with new and challenging boot camp workouts ALL THE TIME!

It’s VERY time consuming, and can get very tedious, monotonous, and even stressful to have to continually design your own boot camp workouts. The tendency is to use your favorite exercises over and over again. Doing this will not only put you on the fast track to complete boredom with your boot camp, but your campers will also become uninterested and bored. (NOT good for client retention.)

We’ve spent a LOT of time creating, designing, and testing these challenging workouts in our own boot camps, and are VERY excited to finally be able to share them with you!

We DO currently use these workouts in our own camps, and have seen AMAZING results in our boot camp classes! Since these workouts are advanced and not designed to be used every class, we pepper them in our regular workout program to add more variety and challenge our campers in a different way.

WARNING: Limits will be pushed and RESULTS will be achieved! These workouts have helped our own clients to break through the dreaded plateaus because they challenge their bodies in new ways! GUARANTEED they will do the same for YOUR clients!

We have AWESOME “Challenge” workouts, HIIT circuits, Partner challenges, Tabata sets, and tons of other workout ideas included in our new edition of Advanced Boot Camp Workouts.

So… if you are looking for a new way to accelerate your camper’s results, use fresh new workouts in your camp, and truly separate yourself from your competition, then you NEED our AVANCED BOOT CAMP WORKOUTS!

These workouts are not meant to be used every day, but are designed to be added to your boot camp program 1-2 times per week to rev up your campers metabolisms and help them to burn more fat!

Our advanced boot camp workouts will motivate your clients to work their hardest so they will see the results they are looking for in YOUR camp!

We’ve tested these workouts in our own camps, and have an average of 6-12 pounds lost… Read more…

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