30 Days to Thin – Celebrity Thinspiration and Pro Ana Secrets Leaked and Revealed

30 Days to Thin - Celebrity Thinspiration and Pro Ana Secrets Leaked and RevealedClick Image To Read More…One of the worst feelings is to yearn for something we always wanted yet feeling ashamed about what we currently have!

I used to feel the same about my body and health. I am sure you can relate to what I am saying in some way. The feeling when you constantly compare yourself with someone else and imagine how happy you would be if you looked like them. People often tell you to be happy with what you have, yet, somehow you cannot do away with that feeling.

What did I always want? I know you’ve wanted this too for a long time, and probably still do as you read this!

I wanted to have a GREAT LOOKING and SLIM BODY that gives me a WOW feeling and makes me FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.

I wanted to walk in a party and be the PERSON EVERYONE IS ATTRACTED TO because I look amazingly sexy.

I wanted the CONFIDENCE TO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT because I am HAPPY and PROUD of everything I have. I presume you know the feeling when you know things are just right and that only amazing things will happen for you. I wanted to get all this without spending too much time on what is right or wrong.

People told me to give up. My family told me to give up. Even I told myself to give up. Have you ever told yourself to give up because deep down you feel like you are going to a dead end? Don’t!

“I know desperation. I know how it feels like when you are looking for help but do not know whom to approach."

I’m going to tell my story because it’s probably very similar to yours. It doesn’t matter how much you want to lose weight, anyone who struggles with their weight will relate to this story.

How did I do it? Well, a lot of what really worked for me is stuff you probably won’t read about in the magazines, and I bet it will work for you too.

I am not a naturally lean and thin girl; in fact, I was downright obese for many, many years. My parents didn’t care and kept on assuring me that I was beautiful the way I looked. I used to avoid party just because I didn’t want to get any negative attention. At times, I literally used to feel like closing myself in a room and secluding myself from the world. Forget about going for a date…I simply got NO ATTENTION from the boys.

You see, I had been obese and conscious about my weight for a long time. Not only did it become a problem in my daily activities – my job, my social life, even my personal life. But it felt like a chronic disease, which was stubborn enough not to leave me.

Worst of all, I reached a stage when I was so frustrated that I started reading every… Read more…

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